Reference letters

CEOCO Central Edible Oil

CEOCO, as the largest independent producer of sunflower seed oil within South Africa, wishes to thank Steam Team for their value adding services to our factory in Boksburg.

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Just Veggies

Once we accepted their proposals, and implemented them, we achieved tremendous benefits of reduced operating and maintenance costs.

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Eastern Highlands Plantations Limited 

We are extremely happy with its performance and our steam cost per kg has dropped by 80%. The Steam Team through Mike Gurney lead us through the process including a trip to Kenya and India to see the Combloc’s in action.

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MeZe Foods CC

We wish to thank Steam Team for the improvements made at our factory. Stea m Team carried out a s team audit of our factory and gave us a comprehensive rep ort of the gaps in the system . After correcting all the findings under their guidance we realised the following benefits

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