Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Flares

RA designs and manufactures an extensive range of Open & Elevated Flaring Systems that offer smokeless and non-smokeless capabilities, high efficiency, safety and reliability. Our engineering prowess allows us to cater to the demands of different industries such as Natural Gas Production and Compression, LNG, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Food processing, Petroleum refining, Chemical Processing and Onshore application.

Utility Flares

Utility Flares are the simplest and most economical type of flaring systems that work well in applications that don't require smokeless burning or where smokeless burning is attained without assistance from air, steam or gas.

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Steam & Air Assisted Flares

Designed to dispose of heavier hydrocarbon gases that have a greater propensity to smoke, Steam Assisted flares use injected steam and mix air into the waste gas combustion zone to provide turbulence and allow for a completely smokeless operation. Air Assisted flares use blowers to introduce combustion air into the gas stream as it exits the flare tip. 

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