Landfill Gas & Biogas Flares

Combustion Research Associates manufactures both Enclosed Ground Flares and Open and Elevated Flare stacks (Candlestick) to dispose off Biogas & Landfill gas. These waste gases generated from Solid and Liquid wastes primarily consist of Methane, Water Vapor, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), NMOCs and other gas emissions.

Biogas Flaring systems and Landfill Gas Flares are installed at Landfills, Wastewater facilities, Digesters etc. to dispose of waste gases such as Landfill gas (LFG), Biogas, Syn gas, Producer gas, Sewage gas and Agricultural or Industrial Digester gas that are formed due to the anaerobic decomposition of biomass and organic matter.

CRA flares prioritise safety and efficiency, and hence employ special flame arrestors, aspirated burners and high quality pilots. Our flaring systems can be custom designed to meet specific emission values for carbon credit projects etc.

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