Animal and Pet Cremators

Animal and Pet CrematorsCRA designs and manufactures pet cremation incineration systems ranging from 10kg to 2000kg load capacity. Our systems can be designed with top loading, side loading or end loading and single or dual loading (single stage or two stage). Animals such as Sheep, Pigs, Fish, Pet cremation, Cattle, Horses etc can be incinerated using fuels such as Diesel, LPG, N-gas or Biofuels.

Our incinerators include small machines for crematories that deal with small pets such as hamsters, cats & dogs. We also manufacture twin chamber machines that work well with either large animals or while using the twin chambers. Our larger machines are suitable for mass cremation and large crematories.

We completely customize the animal cremation equipment to meet the demands of the client as well as the project, ensuring desirable results whilst maximising efficiency and reducing costs. An additional heat recovery system can be added as an optional add-on further enhancing cost and energy efficiency of the system.

Our Brick or Cast internal refractory-lined chambers provide high burn rates and a long machine life. The system can be designed to meet any specific emissions regulation and work in Butcheries, Veterinary Labs, Animal Research Centres, Slaughterhouses and Animal Waste collection.

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Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU)

Vapor CombustionVapor Combustion Systems designed and manufactured by Combustion Research Associates efficiently destroy harmful emissions such as VOCs and HACs. Used for liquid storage tank operations such as loading of tanks, rail cars, barges, trucks and ships, these enclosed systems are designed to pass the most stringent of emission norms and regulations for NOx, CO et cetera.

Similar to Enclosed Flares & Thermal Oxidizers, our systems are completely enclosed, hence ensuring low pollution in terms of noise & air (no smoke or visible flame) and a safe environment around them. We also offer the capability of automated stop-start functionality and our systems can be specifically designed to meet stringent regulations such as Quad O, or any other equivalent.

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Thermal Oxidizer

Thermal OxidizerThermal Oxidizers designed and manufactured by Combustion Research Associates act as emission and pollution control devices to curb industrial pollution in the form of dangerous hydrocarbons such as BTEXs, Sulphur & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).

‚ÄčOur Thermal Oxidisers (Incinerators) are capable of achieving very high (over 99%) Hydrocarbon Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE). We also offer heat recovery (Optional) Recuperative & Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems that offer high thermal efficiency, in turn helping achieve low operating costs, energy consumption with fast payback on investments.

Systems from CRA use advance technologies for their active control system for effective and efficient functioning and a high turndown due to full automation. Advantages such as burning at ground level and smokeless and invisible flame make these afterburners perfect for gases such as Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas, Landfill gas, Producer Gas, Petrochemical, Syn gas, CBM gas, vapors or any other combustible gases.

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