Model Minox – Light 15001 (PN 16)

Item number: 115001AL2012
RIFOmat Automatic Water Extractor PN 16
Model Minox – Light 15001

Connection: G 1/2" Model-Pressoquick
Nom. press. stage: PN 16
Medium: Compressed air, pressurised gases
Function: Increasing level opens and decreasing level closes the outlet without delay, independent of pressure fluctuations.
  • 3.2211
  • Aluminium
  • EN AC-44000-F
Characteristics: Only one movable point since the rotary-slide-valve is both a swivel joint and shut-off device.
Installation: Angular type: condensate inlet at top, outlet on the side

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Model Pressoquick – 14201-N (PN 40)

Item number: 114201N12012
RIFOmat Automatic Water Extractor PN 40
Model Pressoquick-14201 – N G 1/2" (BSP) / 1/8" NPT

Nom. press. stage: PN 40
Medium: Water / condensat
Function: The valve closes during system start-up and rise of operating pressure to more than 0,2 - 0,3 bar. After a drop of operating pressure to 0,2 - 0,3 bar the valve opens and start-up fluid and residual fluid drains.
Characteristics: Automatic drainage of water and condensate during start-up and system shutdown. Due to residual drainage there are no freezing of condensate discharge units, compressed air systems and pipelines, such as fire-extinguisher lines, thus increasing safety.
Installation: Horizontal or vertical for drainage at lowest system point.
See figures 1 and 2.

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