Steam Pressure Reducing and De-Superheating Station (PRS / PRDS)

Our Steam Pressure Reducing and De-Superheating Stations (PRDS) are pre-fabricated manufactured ready to install for steam system management.
The pre-assembled Steam Pressure Reducing Stations are individually sized to meet end-user's specific needs. Inlet and outlet piping and valve are sized as per best engineering practices.
Each unit is custom engineered and designed to meet specific system requirements.

All systems are fabricated and welded as per IBR and are hydrostatically tested.
Size From 1/2” x 1/2” to 12” x 20” and higher size as per design requirement
Rating ANSI class #150, #300, #600, higher on request
End connections Flanged to ANSI B16.5/ butt weld to ANSI B16.25
Options IBR / NON-IBR
Other Services Water, air
MOC CS / AS / SS as per requirement

The products are based on one technology-phase changing. These products do not require external energy. No calibration required and operates at precise set point. These valves can be used for steam control based on the ambient temperature. All the products can be used in hazardous area as they do not need power.

Sr. No. Item Qty.
1 Moisture separator 1 no.
2 Inlet dial pressure guage 1 no.
3 Inlet stop valve (gate type) 1 no.
4 Strainer 1 no.
5 Pneumatic control valve 1 no.
6 Outlet stop valve (gate type) 1 no.
7 Bypass stop valve (globe type) 1 no.
8 Outlet dial pressure gauge 1 no.
9 Safety valve 1 no.
10 Drain assembly 1 no.

Details required for sizing of PRS

  • Flow medium, density and viscosity
  • Design pressure and temperature
  • Inlet pressure and temperature (min./nor./max.)
  • Outlet pressure and temperature (min./nor./max.)
  • Flow rates (min./nor./max.)

Quality and performance improvements are a continuous process. As a result the data and specification may vary from time to time to reflect these enhancements.

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