Therm-O-Mix® Station WWM Tempered Water Supply (Water and Water)

The Therm-O-Mix® Station is an all-weather, instant tempered water supply for safety showers and eyewash stations that use steam and cold water.

  • Uses existing plant steam and water supply
  • Provides 3 to 30 GPM of 29 Degree Celsius water with an inlet water pressure of 45 PSIG
  • Easy to install on existing shower or eyewash/shower combination
  • Compact, lightweight design easily supported by pipe connections or factory mounting kit
  • Plant steam and water never mix – uses compact hi-capacity heat exchanger
  • Maintains constant 29 Degree Celsius output regardless of inlet water temperature (between 4 and 29 Degree Celsius)
  • Preheated to provide instantaneous 29 Degree Celsius water
  • Freeze, solar over-temperature protection and bleeder valves included
  • No insulated tanks or expensive recirculation systems required
  • Operates on typical plant steam pressure (45 psig recommended)
  • Self-purging - no need for an elaborate drainage system
  • All components are in-line field serviceable
  • Durable polyethylene enclosure can be readily removed for servicing
  • Union connections allow for quick and easy installation
  • Conforms to OSHA and ANSI recommendations
  • Steam Trap on steam inlet included

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Safety Shower Systems

The TOT-220-SSH-SPR Lifesaver® Emergency Shower features an impeller action stainless steel shower head with a vertical overhead supply. The unit is activated with a 1” stay-open ball valve operated by a stainless steel pull rod. The unit also includes a universal emergency sign and it meets ANSI Z358.1.

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