Engineering Design Services

  • Full engineering thermal/process, mechanical, pressure part and structural design packages for all listed areas of products and expertise
  • Engineers Flow Diagrams (EFD’s) and process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) for listed areas of products and expertise
  • Process and Instrumentation (P&I) diagrams for boilers and associated mechanical plant
  • Equipment specifications, materials selection and technical documentation for enquiry and purchasing
  • Specification and rating of ancillary equipment (pumps, fans, drives, burners, water treatment plant, storage tanks, dust handling equipment,
    conveyors, etc)
  • General arrangement and plant layout drawings for all specialist plant items, vessels, fired heaters, ducting, structural steelwork, etc.
  • Access platforms, catladder and stairway detail drawings
  • Specialist plant items detail fabrication drawings
  • Erection methodologies with detail drawings

Consulting Services

  • Technical audits of mechanical plants and steam/condensate management, heat recovery & other piping systems
  • Performance testing procedures and test result assessments for all areas or expertise
  • Plant trouble shooting and failure investigative reports
  • Plant problem investigation and rectification proposals
  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design for green field and retrofit projects
  • Plant upgrading or pressure part life extension planning
  • Retrofit and revamp solutions (fuel conversions; waste heat utilisation; pre-heaters)
  • Waste fuels combustion proposals
  • Waste heat recovery and energy conversion plant pruposals

Project Engineering & Supporting Services

  • Management and co-ordination of the engineering disciplines for small to medium sized projects
  • Client interface and interpretation of all technical or design matters
  • Control of resources, man-hours and engineering scope changes
  • Enquiry and order preparation, commercial and contractual compliance
  • Planning, activity measurement, expediting and forecasting
  • Budget correlation with progress reporting
  • Implementing of energy conservation plans on a turnkey ‘risk sharing’ basis

Efficiency Auditing Services

  • Steam and Energy Usage Audit for energy and cost optimisation
  • Optimising of operational costs through new or innovative energy efficient plants and solutions that offer attractive and therefor quick paybacks
  • Energy efficiency services cover the following areas:
  • Steam generation
  • Steam utilities and condensate recovery
  • Refrigeration
  • Electricity
  • Thermic Fluids

Site Erection Services & Commissioning

  • New and reconditioned steam boilers for a variety of fuels including biomass and waste fuels
  • Steam piping & accessories
  • Steam Injectors
  • Biomass furnaces
  • Power generation plants
  • Draught plants & pollution control
  • Thermal oil heaters
  • Food processing equipment
  • Material handling systems
  • Hot water systems, piping & accessories
  • Heat exchangers

Piping Design & Consulting Services

  • Pipe stress analysis in accordance with ASME/MS/EN design codes
  • Specialising in high temperature and/or high pressure power piping
  • Piping system arrangement isometric drawings, detail isometric and support detail drawings
  • Insulation and refractory lining specification and detail drawings
  • Verification of pressure component and piping designs by a registered professional engineer in terms with the requirements of SANS 347

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